Is it that special time of the year where you get to celebrate the day you said ‘I do’ to the love of your life. But you may be wondering on how to plan an anniversary date that is special and filled with details. The tips given below would you assist you to create a date that you could reminisce about in the years to come.


 Could there be anything more romantic than a candlelight dinner followed by a night of dancing in each other’s arm.  If, this sounds like the perfect anniversary date, you could arrange to have a dinner date a fancy hotel. But you should keep in mind that to have dinner at a Hong Kong luxury hotel wedding venue should be made weeks before the big date in order to ensure that you will get a table especially if your anniversary falls on a weekend.

But, if you want to have a low key anniversary date you could always plan an intimate dinner at home. Maybe you could even recreate the first meal you had after you got married or even throw on your aprons and create together one of your favourite meals.

 Weekend Trip

 Nothing says romance like a weekend at a luxury hotel. Furthermore, by breaking out of your normal day to day routine and spending some quality time with your spouse will help you to rekindle some romance while lapping in luxury. However, couples should note that for awesome hotel booking is always recommended.

 On the other hand, for those couples who connected over their love for nature, could arrange a camping trip. They should ensure that they select a scenic spot where they could sleep under the stars, cuddle near the fireside and enjoy time with only each other and nature. However, they should also ensure that there are other activities available where they could go on hikes, romantic strolls etc.

 Homemade Gifts

 Celebrate the beginning of your marriage by gifting each other items that come from your heart and not from a store. The wordsmiths could write a love letter detailing why you love your special someone and the numerous adventures that you have to look forward to your future. Furthermore, instead of scattering expensive rose petals around the house you could instead scatter little notes with each note stating something you love about your partner.

 Bucket List

For those unconventional couples who don’t enjoy anniversary dinners or weekend gateways could instead create a bucket list of things that you want to cross off together. Then you could proceed to complete one item from your list each year on your anniversary. 

 Marriage is hard work there are good time and bad. Therefore, you should ensure that you celebrate your love for each other not only on one day per year but every day.

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