Are you planning a trip to Indonesia? Do you have no clue as to how to have a good time there? If so, here are a few tips to help you out…

Preplan and organize the vacation well

This is something that is common to any vacation that you might think of taking. Take the time to plan out your vacation. Preorder your flight tickets when it is at its lowest rates or when they are having special offers. If you happen to prefer villas over hotels, then make sure to book north Bali villas (for example) well beforehand so you don’t get disappointed. Remember that these islands are very popular tourist spots, so things get booked and sold out faster than you think.

Understand that there is a bit of everything in Bali

If all you want to do is let the sun kiss your body, then you’ve already planned more than half your holiday by looking for villas for rent Bali based. However, it pays to remember that these beautiful islands have so much more for you to offer. Whether it is in land or sea, day or night, there is plenty of entertainment for you. Make sure to keep your travel companions, their interests, as well as your body’s capability in mind when planningafter all, a vacation is not supposed to be tiring…!

Take home a little of its beauty

And here, we mean to take it back the best of ways. It is true that photographs are tangible reminders of the memories that will eventually fade. However, try no to be too engrossed in capturing the pictures or updating your social media “stories”. Drink in the sites. In addition to the memories, you can also take home some of the beautiful crafts that Indonesia is famous for. If you ask us, traditional textiles are pretty lightweight, and would work great as souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

Explore the local food

What better way to explore a land, than through it’s food? And in Indonesia, you can do plenty of exploring. If you are not very picky about where you eat, as far as the food is delicious, then we suggest you explore the local street foods. As lovely as the brilliant food you would get at the hotels and restaurants, if you really want to get a true taste of the local food, then it is best tasted at these stalls of the street. If you have certain dietary restrictions, then it is best doing a little research beforehand to know what foods to avoid, and what the local terms of certain ingredients are; so you could ask the vendors and chefs if it is included…

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