Every college student has an underlying wanderlust to travel around the world to visit both historical and exotic locations. However, while these students may dream about backpacking through Europe in a month or even spending a month in Greece before you jet off to the next exciting adventure many of these students fail to consider the fact that they are not professionals with a steady income instead they are college students who go broke even before the month is over and survive through ramen and junk food. But, one should not let their limited budget dishearten them because even if you are a college student that does not mean that you cannot plan an awesome vacation to go on with your friends. Thus, to help with this planning process the following article will contain some tips and tricks that one should make sure to keep in mind at all times when planning their dream vacation.

Plan AheadAs, a college student you do not have the luxury to decide that you want to go on a vacation at a moment’s notice. Instead, one should check their schedules and the seasons to determine the best time to go on vacation. If, one is planning on flying to the location then they need to purchase their tickets in advance in order to avoid being forced to purchase an expensive ticket. Furthermore, as you would only be vacationing for a short period you would also need to figure out your short term accommodation in Brisbane well in advance.

BudgetIf, you are travelling by yourself determine how much you can afford to pay for the entire vacation and how much you can pay per day. However, if one is planning on travelling with a group of friends the best advice would be to pool your money prior to selecting a vacation spot in order to determine what you can afford and what you cannot afford.

StayIt is unlikely that you would be able to afford a hotel on your budget. Therefore, one should instead look for kangaroo point holiday apartments which you and your friends can share together as this would be the most economically sound idea as apartments at different price ranges would be available. One can therefore pick one that is most affordable to them. Furthermore, one can also look to sublet if they are planning on staying for long period of time.

Don’t Eat OutMany students would be tempted to try out all the restaurants and cafes due to the appetizing food they advertise but although they may appear to be appetizing at first one should realize that it would all add up in the end causing you to spend a significant amount of money on food. When, instead you and your friends can opt to cook food by yourselves. Although, you may not have a luxurious stay you always dreamt about at the end of the day you would be able to visit a different area and explore the people and attractions which you otherwise would not be able to. holiday-accommodation

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